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Need a Rest?

Long-time readers of this blog — or people who know me in person — are aware I enjoy zoos.

Recently I visited a New-to-me location.

While smaller than the local zoo (St. Louis is rated world class) this medium-sized facility presented a variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles in both people and animal friendly displays.

Perhaps I’m getting older. One of the things which caught my attention was not an animal at all — a bench with a clever design.

A smooth, simple place to sit and watch the animals — and people. Slide to the end for a stylish arm to assist standing.

Do you admire benches in public places? Want to see more? Click here for a link to my Pinterest collection. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/754845587550645255

Bear Pair

Some things are better in pairs. Shoes. Mittens. Cookies.

Bears? Yikes! One thing worse than looking out your window and seeing a bear — seeing a pair.

However, a few bears are good to see in pairs. The duo which appears on the Missouri State Seal — and state flag — come to mind. They also are the inspiration for this charming park bench.

Don’t dispair if the pair of bears is a work of art.

However — if they are wearing fur and lumbering toward you on all fours — exit — stage left, right, or center.

Take Break Here

Recently, an out-of-town visitor and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. (This is a great place. If you are ever in the area give it a try. Admission is free. Parking is not.)

It was a great day, warm, not hot and many of the animals were moving around, putting on their show. I enjoy watching them from over the fence or behind the glass.

However, my body is getting old enough to demand the occasional break. So this was a welcome sight. So great that they plan it so these are shaded.

Enjoy a rustic rest.