Dreamers Welcome

Perhaps it was where I spent my childhood. Or maybe some of my early reading influences the tendency. Whatever the source, the result is that my imagination slips into a faster gear when I’m in the woods.

The forest does not need to be large. Each year I prefer the path less rugged. But there is something about sunlight filtering through leaves which prompts the brain cells.

Let the thoughts of Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland run free as you sit and soak in the atmosphere at this corner of the English Woodland Garden — inside Missouri Botanical Garden.

I imagine two friends having a serious conversation in a private/public space. Or a pair of writers brainstorming the next novel. Enough shade to give respite on a hot day. Birds and perhaps a small mammal or two darting from one place to another. Listen–leaves swish, conversation of other visitors is muted.

The increasing tempo of the world — the scramble for more money, more work, more prestige — fades into the background while the quiet well is refilled.

The Garden is a gem for all of the St. Louis area and likely visited by all the characters in my St. Louis based clean & wholesome romances at one time or another. Why don’t you try a visit with them — Janet and Rich, a couple who grabbed the second chance, invite you to begin with COMFORT ZONE.


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