Gentle Assist

Let’s go for a walk! I want to see trees, and chipmunks, and bunnies!

At times it’s the young who urge the old to get outside and find a change of scenery. Or sometimes, the mature follow an inner urge — leftover from youth?

A few miles from my home — and within a short distance of many homes — is a public space with a paved trail, informative signs, and forest. It’s a nice little change-of-pace place.

At the end of a long, hard day — or week — or month — this particular path of less than a mile offers a place to banish some of those worries and cares. And at the end of this month featuring benches and other public seating, my body appreciates the multiple arms of this model.

A good sturdy aid to stand gets more appealing each year. Guess it’s a good sign that I can still hike/walk from one bench to the next — sometimes I even skip one or two.

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