Rainy Day Seating

How’s your weather? Have you experienced any rainy, fall days? You know the sort — cloudy, cool, and rain heavy enough to make a person think of fireplaces, hot drinks, and books.

A little cool, wet weather doesn’t mean you need to hibernate. (As lovely as it may sound.) Cities and towns have many interesting attractions which are entirely, or primarily, indoors. Have you been to a museum lately?

One of the gems in St. Louis is the history museum. Located within the jewel of the city named Forest Park, the museum features both permanent and rotating exhibits.

The History Museum features a rather modern, and soft, resting spot. You may be drawn to this definitely indoor seating between touring the exhibit rooms. A good place to gather with your group and decide on the next activity — another room? Lunch? Gift shop?

Perhaps the couple in the sweet romance, COMFORT ZONE, spend a pleasant afternoon refreshing their knowledge of St. Louis history within these walls. For more information on the book – click here:

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