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  1. Ellen,
    I like your writing. I especially like the Calico, and Summer Morning.
    Have you read any of Elaine Viets, or Elaine Dreyer? They are both
    authors from St. Louis, and their stories take place in St. Louis. It’s
    fun to read when they mention places that I can picture, or places I’ve
    been. Their style is different than yours, Viets is mystery, but funny,
    Dreyer is serious murder mystery.
    Keep writing! Rosemarie

  2. Belated Thanksgiving wishes to you Ellen. And a very Merry and Joyful celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas. Hope family and friends are all around you. I’ve been on your blog twice. It’s nice!

    Just to let you know my first book Across That Dark River: The Civil War Memory is now out and can most quickly be accessed by going to tomsobottke.com and clicking on the huge book icon and that will take you right to the book page on Amazon.com I’m shilling for this thing already.
    Teaching as an adjunct professor of History at Carroll University (right now entirely U.S. HIstory Survey courses). I left teaching at the high school level last june to pair that with writing some history and expanding into historical novels. My author site should tell you something of that.

    I do remember well visiting Plum City in my youth. You probably were ready to spread your wings but you put up with Dave and I and Ray my dad and Charlotte my mom. Cathy was not on the scene yet. I think you graduated from high school in the mid 1960’s. My youngest sister came along on October 7, 1965.

    The Sobottke family of Pewaukee, Wisconsin says Hi!

    Moving Train Books LLC can publish a romance novel when you are convinced its good enough and ready for market. For an up front $3,000 fee you get no hassle publishing of your work and cradle to grave book management until we go out of business. Yes, I have created a job for Governor Scott Walker! Kathy my wife would be number two but she works pro bono.

    What you get for all that money:
    Two ISBN numbers for print and e-book editions
    copyrright registration, Bowker Publishing LIsting, Ingram Advance Listing, avaialable for sale on Powerll’s Books, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com, cover design and execution, typesetting, editing, proofing, making e-book editons for B and N, Amazon and Ingram, and a Niche POD Marketing Plan if needed though you know your market better then we do. Monthly earnings statement with compensation check. Up front $3,000, author retains all rights, you get 65% of total publisher’s compensation on the book and we get 35%. When we say yes to your manuscript we are saying we know you will recover your three thousand investment and make some few thousand dollars over the four year life of a book in print. No returns and print on demand lowers our and your financial liability for unsold books–there are none. Let me know if you might be potentially an author with this brand new company. We are not interested in making huge profits but simply want to be paid for what we do for you and cover the actual root cost of doing this stuff, and then get a little bit of the result as any publisher should.

    Otherwise Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. Your cousin,
    Thomas Martin Sobottke

  3. I sent a reply to your latest blog and somehow sent it twice. Your story about your dad makes me think again, Ellen should write about her family. They’ve always been of such interest to me.

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