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Party Perfect

Have you been to a party recently?

No? Me neither. But some of my friends have attended special occasions such as birthday parties. Or allowed children to attend at a neighbor or friend’s house.

When I was a child — some of my friends held birthday parties every year. Others had one or two over the years in elementary school. We went to their home — played games outside (if weather permitted) laughed, oohed and aahed when gifts were opened, and enjoyed cake.

My children attended a few parties for their friends. Often at an arcade, bowling alley, or skating rink. Fun and food were the result.

What does it take to make a party these days? How do you dress?

Yes, Mama–I’ll mind my manners and wear my mask.

No Exceptions!

All street traffic must stop! Did you see the flashing light? Hear the bell? Notice the red and white arm lower?

It does not matter if you are a bus, a truck, a sedan, an SUV, or a bicycle. ALL street traffic must stop!

But…but…but…I’m late for an appointment.

Explain the situation when you arrive. Locals will understand.

When the bridge tender raises the draw bridge…ALL street traffic needs to pause.

Best reaction? Stop your vehicle, draw a good breath, and watch the river traffic enjoy right-of-way.

Food and Crafts

August: hot, humid, tired. Sometimes all the tasks come in a rush and overwhelm a person. The final, hectic weeks before school started. (I remember roasting in the store trying on a new winter coat.) The garden is demanding harvesting — which leads to canning — which requires lots and lots of boiling water adding to the already humid air.

In recent years, the tempo of my life has changed. (For the better, I think.) My children are grown. I live urban rather than rural. However, no matter how urban your current life — you can find a touch of rural at the Farmer’s Market.

Some in our area have a permanent building or pavilion. Others set up with tents in a park. Look for produce, home canned treats, honey, snacks, and local crafts. Different markets have different rules. At some you can even connect with a local author.


Everyone I know has played it at least once. Inside with beanbags or groceries or toys. Outside or in large stadiums, people are played for using footballs and baseballs.

It’s simple. And complicated.

I have it. I’ll toss it to you through the air. You reach out and catch (capture). Sounds simple. But..how large is it? How heavy? How much force will it hit my hands with?

In the present day, not only people play catch.

Gives a whole new meaning to “catch the phone call”

Save the Date!

Looking forward to a party but forbidden by Health Dept Guidelines? Block out the news and imagine a man and his father arriving at his nephew’s engagement party.

Standing on the small, covered porch, he pressed the doorbell and listened to the first portion of the Westminster chimes.

“I’ll get it.” The female voice was quickly followed by a shadowed figure moving beyond the gauzy curtains in the large window.

The instant the door opened, Rich froze. Every witty phrase conceived during sleepless early morning hours or Saturday errands flew away faster than a bullet speeds from muzzle to target.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Comfort Zone, a sweet romance set in St. Louis. Yes, residents of the Heartland have all the emotions of the Coasts.

Currently available for pre-order — Comfort Zone will have an official release on June 22, 2020.  Celebrate the arrival of summer with a good read.

Click on the Comfort Zone tab on this page for complete blurb.

Overcoming Fear

A childhood trauma scarred him.

David Holmes appears normal enough — graduated medical school and passed his surgical board exams. But…has he conquered the fear, or only learned to hide it? Let’s drop in on the good doctor while he’s running in a neighborhood park.

In the blink of an eye all their lives changed. Now, lilac perfume slapped him in the face with contrasts between before and after.

“On your left.”

He eased to the edge of the path and glanced as the owner of the female voice pulled even with him, then ahead.

Legs. Perfect legs. His heart rate shifted up a gear from more than his running. He forced his gaze upward and found only a scrap of red shorts beneath an extra-long obnoxious green and silver safety vest. Short brunette hair bounced in tempo with her stride. “Hey.”

She ignored him.

Intrigued? The above is from the first chapter of Stare Down a sweet romance set in St. Louis. Click on the Stare Down tab at the top of the page to read the blurb and find order information.

Take Break Here

Recently, an out-of-town visitor and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. (This is a great place. If you are ever in the area give it a try. Admission is free. Parking is not.)

It was a great day, warm, not hot and many of the animals were moving around, putting on their show. I enjoy watching them from over the fence or behind the glass.

However, my body is getting old enough to demand the occasional break. So this was a welcome sight. So great that they plan it so these are shaded.

Enjoy a rustic rest.


They’re Back!!!

October — the season of colorful yellow, orange, and red.

From the leaves on the trees to the sweatshirts and jackets pulled from summer storage you see bright fall colors. At times they match the sports teams as schools compete against each other and loyal fans don their colors.

Decorations sprout up around entryways and in businesses large and small. Some celebrate harvest. A few look ahead to Thanksgiving. Many center on Halloween — candy sweet, spooky, or comical. American retailers will sell you items to decorate and celebrate as you desire.

One announcement of Halloween in my neighborhood is the local charity pumpkin stand. From tiny to “I need help to lift this” are offered for sale. Decorate as you like – carve, paint, decals.

I’m suddenly hungry for pie.

Riverfront Attraction

Quick — I say St. Louis.    You say ______.

Aside from the baseball fans who correctly replied “Cardinals”, my guess is that a large number of you replied “Arch”.

The correct name for this monument is “Gateway Arch National Park.” Until a few months ago the proper name was Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Yes, it was a mouthful. And the new one will take a little while to get used to. (I’m still getting used to the idea of a National Park inside a city.)

They had a Grand Re-Opening with a completely refreshed museum at the foot of the Arch. (I’m anticipating a trip to see for my self in a few weeks.) And if you want to ride to the top you may. I understand the view from 630 feet is fabulous.

The grounds — all fresh with new walkways and trees — plus the older Grand Staircase to the street along the river — are a delightful place to walk and view either the river or the city.

Sunset turned the stainless steel golden.

Educational Attraction

Don’t let the title fool you. There’s plenty of fun mixed in with the serious facts in this St. Louis building.

This is where you can star-gaze on a sunny day. Build your own copy of the signature St. Louis Arch (I suggest a friend or two). Check out the traffic speed under the highway bridge. Try your hand at operating an excavator. Follow the balls in a maze. Learn about dinosaurs. Or electricity.

Visiting exhibits always make the experience new. And the Omnimax theater presents a thrill plus facts.

So add St. Louis Science Center to your list of attractions. It does not matter if this is your first, second or hundredth visit — you’ll find something new.

Careful! You might learn something!