The Journey Begins…

December often includes some time for reflection. Where have I been? What did I do? Did I keep any of the goals or resolutions which were so bright and shiny a year ago?

As several of you already know — I’m a list maker. (This does not mean I always follow it.) One of several lists I’ve managed to keep current is books which I have read. Let me take you on a sampling, a journey of some of the high (and low) places I’ve visited between the book covers this year.

I started the year in the past. England in 1157 to be precise. A nice debut romance took me far away in distance and time. Other volumes touched on the past also — a non-fiction highlighting prominent American women from 1760-1796, the Chicago fire of Oct 1871, a Colorado mining camp, and Brooklyn during WWII. Present day was represented by romances set in Southern California, Oklahoma, and Chicago. (What do you expect a romance author to read?)

A passport for time and place would wear many stamps — and that’s just the first months. Where did you go in 2014? Did you enter fictional worlds? Or stay with real life people of past and present?

A pair of sweet romance for a trip to the Midwest
A pair of sweet romance for a trip to the Midwest

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