Completing the Circle

Books, books, books.

Final months of the year found me with book in hand. Love my library card. Do you have one? Check the rules but for most library systems you only need to show proof of address. Don’t want to read an entire book? Try out their magazine section. Or the music CD’s. Or the movie DVD’s. Audio book for a long commute?

My personal pattern of lots of fiction continued. A true crime and a memoir interrupted the possible make believe overload. Then again — some fiction books contain more facts than the non-fiction.

Places I traveled included England under Victoria and present day. Heroes worked in law enforcement (one canine), in hospitals, as athletes and lodge developers. The heroines were beautiful, smart, and attracted trouble faster than a magnet finds steel.

One of my favorite historical authors released a new spy story. And it was refreshing to learn a volume I enjoyed early in the year won recognition from peers in the writing community. (Check out “Into the Whirlwind” for a Chicago fire tale.)

Now I’ll draw a deep breath. Pour a glass of wine. And toast all the books of 2014. May they only be exceeded in quality by the class of 2015!