It’s a Wrap

Final Friday of 2014!

We’ve made it.

Actually, today is a holiday of sorts. Boxing Day. If you are English and either the employer of domestic help or their employee you know much more about the traditions that I do. I suppose our farming community celebrated at version of it when giving tokens of appreciation to milk haulers and mailmen. Local merchants gave gifts – calendars, yardsticks, or gadgets – to loyal customers. What’s the most memorable of these you’ve received or given?

Another task for today — if not completed amid confusion yesterday — is to separate the wrapping paper from the gifts. Careful now — we lost at least one, perhaps more, new tiny toys while doing this in haste.


Go ahead and use your own experience to form an image of “after”. And then pour your favorite beverage.

Fifty-two shiny, unblemished Fridays loom in front of us. Do you have a goal or resolution concerning them? Survival? Improvement? More reading?