Compact Library

Decades ago — when I was a student — we moved into a new high school.

It was a middle of the winter/school year move. And the students were encouraged to bring pick-up trucks to town that day. Every student and teacher participated. And a few parents also.

Assigned groups packed a room. Carried box after box to a vehicle which transported it the quarter mile to the new building for unloading and organization in the new room.

The science teacher requested her chemistry students to move the lab. It was both interesting and a challenge to pack the glass equipment to avoid breakage and the chemicals to prevent…well… an unexpected reaction????

The room which took the longest was the library. They had a good crew. Lots of boxes. And lots and lots of books to remove from old shelves and organize (or at least semi-organize) in the new room. Libraries require lots of work when they move. This applies to schools, public libraries, or your personal (or at least among my relatives) when changing houses.

But technology now enables me to take a library with me when I will be spending time in a waiting room. It fits in my purse. I’ve only had mine a year. Budget concerns limit the purchases. But with forty books at present I’d rather tote this around than the same volumes in paperback.

Portable Library
Portable Library

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