An Oral Tale

Come back in time with me. Gather around the evening fire and listen to the elders.  No — further back in time — before automobiles, ships, or written language. As far back as your imagination can go.

Listen up, children. Tonight I tell a story of life in the Garden. Years ago, before you were born, your mother and I lived in a special world. The animals didn’t snap and growl at each other. The foxes didn’t kill mice.

The fruit was perfect, the woman took over the narrative. Three kinds were always in season. Plump. Juicy. No bruises or worm holes.

Dew in the morning, the man resumed. No rain. No storms.

And then, the woman sighed. The talking serpent arrived. Cain — stop pinching your sister.

Is this how Adam and Eve passed history to their children? I doubt the words deserve quotation marks. But telling history, relating oral stories, is as old as humans.

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Starr Tree Farm: Ellen Parker: 9781440571589: Books



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