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Cameras. Phone videos. It’s difficult to have a private life in days of social media.

The topic of today’s post has managed to do just that. The youngest, and newest, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan.

The usual portions of her biography are public. Her father was a lawyer. Her mother an educator. Her academic and employment records require little more than a search word in Google to find. She’s been the first woman in some of her positions: Dean of Harvard Law School and US Solicitor General.

Her current position is her first appointment as a judge. While not unique, you need to go back several decades to find other justices who came from non-judge positions to the court. As expected from an Obama appointment, she tends to vote liberal. Yet she’s independent and prudent enough to reach out to any and all of the other justices to find areas of agreement.

Oh…and the private life. She’s keeping that private. Exhibiting control and self-control over her outside of work activities.



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