One Step at a Time

The hardest part of mornings is getting out of bed.

The most difficult part of writing a book is sitting down and putting those first words on paper (or computer screen).

The first step is the most fearful.

This blogger did it again. In a moment of optimism and curiosity she signed up with a group to participate in a run. Actually she signed up for a 5K run/walk. And she intends to walk – I try not to cross the line between optimism and foolishness.

Let’s present the facts. The distance of 5 Kilometers is equal to 3.1 miles. Average walking speed is 3 miles per hour. Therefore: I need to be able to walk for one hour without stopping for a coffee break (or water, or socializing).

This will require a change in habits. For the last several years I’ve taken lots of walks around my neighborhood. Those walks of fifteen or twenty minutes refreshed my body, mind, and soul. An occasional longer walk during fine weather prompted plot twists or aided the search for the right phrase in my writing.

An hour! No breaks!

I took a deep breath. Exchanged a hopeful word with another novice to this sport, and took the first step on the trail.

Hiking/biking trail for practice.
Hiking/biking trail for practice.

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