Hazard of First

Do you sit in the front row? Jostle to be first in line?

Sometimes you get a great view from the front. Or the best selection of fruits and vegetables if first in line when the Farmer’s Market opens.

First also has some danger. The situation is more uncertain. What if the map is wrong? Or doesn’t exist. Do I have the right information?

Hey! You in the back! Slow down! I’m leading this without any firsthand reports.

Plants don’t use road maps or verbal reports. They do use soil temperature, length of daylight, and other prompts you’ll find discussed in botany texts.

One purple crocus in my garden won the competition for first this year. I noticed the brave purple bloom on Wednesday.

Thursday stuff happened – about four inches of “stuff”.

Brrrr. Shiver. Shiver.
Brrrr. Shiver. Shiver.


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