Follow the Footsteps

The snowy portion of winter arrived late in St. Louis this year.

No magic Christmas snow. Or super hazard road conditions on New Year’s. We had cold days in January and early February. And then, in time to remind us this is winter in the American Midwest, two storms arrived a few days apart. We got the edges. Ask the residents of Kansas if you want to know how the centers of the storms felt.

Light snow. Flurries. White flakes dissolving on contact with black pavement. Refreezing and formation of black ice during the night.

Runners (and walkers) should be a hardy group. So on the appointed Saturday morning our dwindling number met in the parking lot of a local park. The plan was to walk/run a path near the perimeter multiple times.

Step, step, step I followed the runner and the runner/walker at my steady walking pace. Which fork of the path should I take? Follow the footsteps in the dusting of snow on the trail. Today I’ll follow. Let the runner lead.