Amateur Curves

My home is filled with items purchased on trips. Like many Americans, a vacation is not complete without bringing home an object to help one remember the good times, new experience, or awesome sight.

Photos top the list. And always a few postcards – they are taken under the best of conditions with great cameras and patience. Food is popular, especially when I’m visiting for the second, third, or more time.

And like many people I collect items. In my case they fall into coffee mugs, shot glasses, and refrigerator magnets. Some of that depends on suitcase space.

But I don’t limit myself. I’ve found (and spent money at) delightful book stores both east and west. And one year I went looking for candles of a specific color to go with the new colors I’d painted my living room.

The candles were displayed for a time. Then they got put away – making way for Christmas d├ęcor – pulled out and stashed away again. Recently I pulled them out again, intending to set them in a new place.

Hot summers and electric heaters have aged them. Gracefully?

You decide if these amateur curves are worthy of proud display.

Bending with age
Bending with age