Picking Up

Weeks, perhaps even months, of planning is past.

Hours of shopping, wrapping and baking are history.

The candles have dripped. The baby has burped. The dog has rolled in the middle of it all.

What are the most dreaded words at your house?  “Batteries not included?”  “Some assembly required?”

What have you lost? I learned very quick to check and shake and check again the torn mound of gift wrap and ribbons that filled the living room. Tiny things – small cars, action figure accessories, decals waiting for application – they find a way to cling and hide and want to go out in the trash.

Enjoy the moment. Only once did we wonder if we were assembing a “toy box” or a “boy box”.  Only once did the dog allow a ribbon “hat”. And only once will this exact moment be yours.

Enjoy!    Give Thanks! 

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