And Here’s To …

A toast! A toast!

Fill a glass and raise it high! Farewell 2011!   Welcome 2012!

The Old Year lays behind us. Full, tattered, worn around the edges. Take a moment to reflect on the highlights. Can you find a sad event? A happy event? A humous event? A sweet/sad meeting or parting? Regrets? Accomplishments?

Yes, raise your glass high – it doesn’t matter the liquid inside. Farewell 2011!

Farewell and Welcome

The New Year waits shiny and clean. It’s full – not with deeds but possibilities. Will you make a resolution? Try to start a good habit? Attempt to rid yourself of a bad one? Will you smile more? Complain less? Work harder at either your profession or your passion? (Lucky you if they are the same.)

Raise your glass high. Welcome 2012!

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