Seasonal Music

Joy!      Love!       Peace!      Fun!

Christmas is coming!

I’m so happy I could sing.

Should I try to compete with the bells? We have silver bells, jingle bells, caroling bells and deep toned church bells on Christmas Day.

Or a really quick elderly man in a red suit? We have Saint Nick on a housetop, dancing around a tree, checking the habits of children and flying through the air behind a small herd of reindeer – some plain, one red-nosed.

Is the weather a safe topic? We can walk in a winter wonderland, watch it snow, and slid across the field in a horse drawn sleigh.

While all of the above are fun and pleasant. Why, you can even learn to count to twelve if you’re not careful – I think I’ll sing another theme.

I’ll sing about a baby boy in a manager. A holy night. A silent night. And add a prayer for peace – within my heart and spilling over into the world.

Sing out!!!!