Busy Oven

She’s making a list and checking it thrice.

No – this isn’t Santa checking to see how large a lump of coal a wayward child has earned.

This is Mrs. America completing her Christmas baking shopping list.

It helps to know which cookies you’ll be baking this year. And check the spice cabinet – in the middle of Gingerbread dough is a poor time to be out of ginger. Eggs, butter, sugar – brown and white and powdered – flour, soda, nutmeats….the list grows as recipes are consulted and cupboards opened.

Are we going to make fruit cake? Is it too late? What do you mean it’s a expensive doorstop. It’s delicious. My favorite was my mother’s, but I’ve managed a few that could compete. Find a good recipe with a balance of fruits and nuts with dough. Bake until done but not hard. Now comes the special part. When it it cool soak a clean cloth in sweet, dark wine and wrap it secure. Then pull out the aluminum foil and wrap it again.  Store in a cool place – an enclosed but not heated porch works well in temperate climates. Let age several weeks then slice, serve, and enjoy.

Do the children want to help with the cookies? They can stir, drop, roll, and decorate. How wild do you want them? Did a pan burn? When all is done the kitchen will need to be put to rights and the children into the bathtub. Give thanks they are washable!

Then settle back with several of your favorite kind – or one each of all of them – pour a beverage and enjoy to your selection of Christmas music