Time to Pause

Once upon a time…..

Do you remember stories that opened with that line?

This was the moment to take a breath, stare at the picture in the book, or adjust your position on Daddy’s knee. Something good was sure to follow.

Once upon a time…..Christmas started with a gift.

Not a gift purchased at the market, or wrapped in tinsel and bows… no, this gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manager. Take a moment away from the songs of Santa, the baking still to be done, the present to be wrapped, the card to send or call to make. Remember the anticipation you had as a child and pause to remember the gift that started it all.

And tell it.  Once upon a time…when Cyrenius was governor of Syria…a baby was born in a barn…

Silent Night, Holy Night

Blessed Christmas!

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