Easy Travel

In these days of pandemic and restricted movement — either self-imposed or otherwise — a person’s mind (at least mine) wants to travel. Let me out of the house, the state, the country, the century!

One cure: A book. Between the covers of a book, you can stay in one place – hope you are safe and warm – and still experience a different place and time.

Let’s see: where have I traveled so far in 2022. Present day suburban St. Louis; present day French Riviera; present day New Jersey; and London in 1703. No packing, no planes, no credit card charges. Simple as can be.

Where do you want to go? Are you unsure? Perhaps a little timid.

This happy animal suggests you travel to Crystal Springs, WI and get acquainted with some of his distant (very distant) relatives in Seed of Desire.

Link to Kindle edition:

This story, and the other Crystal Springs Romances are available at all major on-line retailers for your e-reader or as a paperback.

Happy reading! I’m off to continue my visit to present day Texas.