Memorable Non-Fiction

According to my reading record on a popular website, I completed 80 books in 2021.

Wow! A surprise even to me. I guess that habit of always having a book in progress adds up. Since the year is new — I’ll try to say a few words about favorites from 2021 reading.

In the non-fiction category — I’ll select Shelby Foote’s three volume set of The Civil War.

Even though I’ve read other books about the United States’ civil war, fiction and non-fiction, I learned a lot in these three volumes. Starting with profiles of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln until Davis’ death, in December 1889, the events of these tumultuous are put into context. I gained a new appreciation and understanding of the multiple fronts, army movements, and political battles often taking place at the same time in different regions.

Definitely a reference resource I’ll keep within reach. Certainly the most memorable non-fiction read in 2021.