Goose Tale

In the dark of a summer night the deed is done.

A theft? Vandalism?

No to both. Actually, it’s an addition — a gift of sorts. The decorative goose is placed with care beside the gazebo.

The next morning, walkers, and some of their dogs, blink and look again. “I don’t remember that from yesterday.”

A week or two later, the goose moves. She doesn’t go far. I think she’s testing out spaces to find the perfect spot.

What’s the phrase? “Go with the flow?” When a naked, decorative goose appears — dress her for the season.

Animals are included among the characters in the historical, sweet romance New Dreams. Horses are vital to both the story and the era. A farmer has milk cows — and a dog. Young pigs put in an appearance on wash day. But no geese are mentioned. If you had the space — would you raise geese?


Friday Fun

It’s Friday!!! Celebrate the end of the work week with something to put a smile on your face.

Food is the first thing that comes to my mind. Unfortunately, it wants to linger at waist and hips. So what’s something calorie free that makes you smile?

This flamingo quartet in a neighbor’s flower garden might be a place to start.

Perhaps a pet – yours or another’s – makes you chuckle with their antics. Open both eyes, unplug the music from your ears, and observe the world around you. Humor is lurking in unexpected places — even unpopular co-workers or supervisors are full of surprises. (Might be best to laugh when they are out of the room.)

This sweet romance contains touches of both suspense and humor. After all — how can you not find a spot of humor when kids and dogs in the same place. So pour yourself a cool drink, settle into your chair, and spend some hours in fictional Crystal Springs. Seed of Desire was rated five paws by Dancer.


Fine Feathered Friends

My breakfast view constantly changes. No, I don’t eat the meal in different places. I have a view of my patio and a brush-covered berm separating two properties.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal visit often. Blue jay puts in an occasional appearance. Sparrows and mourning doves are regulars. Woodpeckers examine the trees on the berm a few times a year.

No feeder. No birdhouse. I leave those items for others in the neighborhood.

This puzzle artist combined a colorful cast. How many of these visit your neighborhood?


Staying Cool in St Lou

I’ve not done a scientific study, it’s more a personal observation.

St Louis appears to be allowed only three beautiful-for-outdoors days per spring. This year, I recall one. Instead we went from late winter with frosty mornings directly to summer with an afternoon temp at 90.

However, on thar second sort of day — and all the hot days to follow well into September –this brother-sister duo at the zoo has a solution.

Don’t have a friendly waterfall in your backyard?

Hose & sprinkler?

Ice water?

Okay, go modern. I enjoy a nice air-conditioned space as much as the next person.

Or…take a shady hike in a state park. Hat & water bottle are basic– right up there with sturdy shoes for equipment.

Another option– visit state parks via the sweet romance Morning Tryst. Available at major on-line retailers as ebook or print.

Nook readers click here:


The Real Mother Goose

Simple rhymes. Counting guides. Every parent, teacher, aunt, uncle or neighbor has likely recited at least one Mother Goose rhyme to a child.

Have you ever thought about the REAL thing?

Oh, the rhymes have double and triple meanings as political commentary. According to some language and/or history experts. I wonder if they have ever read them to a three-year-old for twenty minutes straight.

But I digress: we were talking about the real Mother Goose —

–like this one spotted across a busy street/state/federal highway from an inviting pond. She’s too busy teaching life skills to worry about words in a book, double meanings, and politics.

I do hope tat soon after this photo the family enjoyed a nice swim. Hint: you’ll be safer if you stay near the pond.


Spring Buffet

Calling all neighborhood bees and butterflies!

Did you sample our early offering of creeping phlox? We have more sweet nectar plants at the same convenient location. Open around the clock. Most popular dining times are early morning and sunny afternoons.

Don’t be shy. Humans with cameras have been known to frequent the area.

This simple raised bed garden, planted during the first Covid summer, continues to please.

For a May patio read, I’d like to suggest Hiding Places. This sweet, small-town romance features an apple orchard and a marriage of convenience–or is it fate?

Kindle link:


Before Gasoline

The era of the gasoline engine began before I was born. (By several decades — and I’m old.)

I grew up riding in automobiles, watching trucks, and driving tractors. Trains ran on diesel fuel, as did large ships (except for a few that were coal-powered).

However, in our farming community, the generation ahead of me supplemented all the fossil fueled vehicles with hay-burners.

Water, hay, oats, and corn are needed to keep this two-horsepower engine in top condition. Wearing fancy harness, this duo spends hours each day moving tourists between a castle and a village. I’m sure they know the route well.

Have you ridden in a horse-drawn vehicle? Driven one?How long ago?

In the sweet, historical romance, New Dreams, the hero finds work in a stable. Every day teams needed to be harnessed, stalls cleaned, and equipment checked. The freight wagons, and horses, were vital in the 1850’s.

More information on New Dreams here:


You’ve got my Attention

Hello, Human! What have you got in your hand? A book? Is it good?

I like stories — either about humans or bears. My favorite? Outdoor stories, of course. And I like stories set here– in the city where I can imagine this group of humans goes after a busy day at the zoo.

Let me guess what you do for a living, sir. You have good posture, short hair, wear a light jacket on a sunny day. Certainly you’re not a co-worker of that fellow with the tank top and shorts. No, by the way, you’re old enough to be his father. I’m thinking you prefer using brains instead of brawn. If I guess right — will you introduce me to your lady friend? You’re observant, scan the people around you. Yet, you don’t look afraid – or worried like the teachers herding the field trip groups past my living quarters. Police officer? How did I do?

You did just fine, Mr. Grizzly. My name’s Rich, this is my friend, Janet. Afraid you’ll have to read about us in COMFORT ZONE to get the whole story. On a budget — no problem. Kindle edition currently on sale:


A Good Dog

Today’s photo gives a peek into a happy day for an author. The arrival of a new book!

A little bit of magic happens when an author holds a copy of THEIR book in their hands. A sense of accomplishment. A dash of pride. I did it! I beat the odds — yes, the world of self-publishing has increased the number of published authors. However, the number decreases in each step of the process.

A large number of people think about writing a book. A percentage of them start writing a book. Fewer finish the book. A an even smaller number navigate the steps of editing, formatting, and publishing.

So cut your friend, neighbor, or relative a little slack. Let them brag for a little. Congratulate them on the accomplishment.

Does the topic appeal to you? Buy and read a copy. Did you like it? Write and post a review.

The title above – SEED OF DESIRE – is a sweet romance set in the small fictional town of Crystal Springs, WI. Meet Beth and Jackson as they overcome obstacles and receive a little help from canine friends. The book is available at all major on-line book retailers. Here’s the Kindle link:


Fun in Snow

Puzzle artists pick perfect weather. They celebrate the hours after the storm has passed and the sun offers bright light.

They ignore the tense moments in car or school bus as tires hunt for traction on slick roads. Or shoveling the driveway. Or breaking a path to the barn to care for the animals. Everything takes longer and a different set of questions cross your mind. Are the water pipes frozen? How did the youngest calf fare? How late will the milk truck be running today?

How was your weather these last few days? Did it storm? Liquid or solid from your clouds? Did you go searching for your heavy coat, gloves, and boots? Or did you have a mild, seasonal weekend?

The residents of this fictional village are having winter fun. I think I’d enjoy a snowman building contest. Doubt if I’d win any prizes. The few snow figures in my past have been basic, not artistic. Perhaps you’d prefer to find a hill and go down on a sled or toboggan?

I find some happy memories including snow and winter storms. True — some of them only rated laughter long after the event — but they serve as lovely punctuation marks in the narrative of my life.

STARR TREE FARM, set during a Wisconsin January, includes remarks on the weather. Check it out (with a nice warm beverage at hand) here: