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August Advice

A little advice is a good thing. When it comes from an expert, it’s even better.

So here are the professor’s tips for staying comfortable on hot, August days.

Seek the shade.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat your fruits and vegetables.

Professor? Well, for the month of August, I decided to explore close to home. Yes, for many people this is prime vacation time. But for a multitude of reasons, some people are unable to travel. So take a look around and see what you can find within a drive of two hours or less.

Professor Chimp dispenses his advice and demonstrate a carefree attitude at the St. Louis Zoo.

Do you live near a zoo? Have you considered a stroll among the animals as a place for a “date”? Light and casual courting in Comfort Zone, a sweet romance, includes a zoo date with emphasis on elephants.

Kindle: https://amzn.to/2ZvL0Av

Fish, Fish, Fish

Or perhaps I should say: trout, trout, trout.

Montauk State Park is all about trout. Hatched, growing, carefree, and hooked.

Fishermen of all sizes have options. Come for the day. Rent a cabin. Rent a motel room. Camp in comfort ranging from tent, to small trailer, to luxury motorhome.

At the park store, you can find last minute supplies and the all-important trout tag. Be sure to pin it to your hat or shirt.

Future fish (trout) dinners grow under the watchful eye of Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources.

A coin and turn of the vending machine knob gives you enough pellets to start a brief feeding frenzy. No hooks allowed in this portion of the park.

Caught your limit for the day? How about a tour of the old gristmill? A hike on a well-marked trail? A little time watching children on the playground? Or a friendly chat, trading fish stories, with you temporary neighbors?

Fictional photographer Serena Carter had an adventure worth recording in “Morning Tryst” in this park.

Check it out with a Kindle pre-order here: https://amzn.to/35gH37S

Official release date = June 20

Need a Hug?

Personal contact. Physical contract. Touch. Are you aware it is one of the human needs?

Depending on the people you were raised with, the frequency and closeness of hugs varies. In my family of origin, hugs were brief and reserved for special occasions. However, when certain relatives arrived for a visit — you were HUGGED!

Do you remember any particular person’s hugs? For the warmth? The length? The strength?

Kitty will HUG you — and a few of your friends. She may feel a little stiff and cold (depending on the weather), but she means well and will stay still while you photograph loved ones (human and canine) within her paws.

Don’t forget

When touring the zoo — don’t forget to visit the elephants!

Shall we test my memory? How did the six blind men describe the beast?

Very like a wall–said the man who felt the elephant’s side.

No, like a tree — said the one who wrapped his arms around a leg.

Wrong! Like a rope — the man who grasped the tail insisted.

Not at all, more like a fan — said the man holding an ear.

I don’t believe any of you — the beast is like a snake — said the man touching the trunk.

You’re all wrong. This animal is like a spear — said the man rubbing the tusk.

Are they all wrong? Are they all right? Do you remember the first time you saw an elephant?

In Comfort Zone, during a visit to the St. Louis Zoo, Henry Taylor tells elephant stories. Want to read them?


Easy Travel

In these days of pandemic and restricted movement — either self-imposed or otherwise — a person’s mind (at least mine) wants to travel. Let me out of the house, the state, the country, the century!

One cure: A book. Between the covers of a book, you can stay in one place – hope you are safe and warm – and still experience a different place and time.

Let’s see: where have I traveled so far in 2022. Present day suburban St. Louis; present day French Riviera; present day New Jersey; and London in 1703. No packing, no planes, no credit card charges. Simple as can be.

Where do you want to go? Are you unsure? Perhaps a little timid.

This happy animal suggests you travel to Crystal Springs, WI and get acquainted with some of his distant (very distant) relatives in Seed of Desire.

Link to Kindle edition: https://amzn.to/2RDFgxH

This story, and the other Crystal Springs Romances are available at all major on-line retailers for your e-reader or as a paperback.

Happy reading! I’m off to continue my visit to present day Texas.

Travel to Crystal Springs in your Armchair!

Open a book and feel the magic!

Snowed in? Foggy, gloomy day? Kids home sick and miserable? Treat yourself to a visit to another time and/or place.

You won’t find Crystal Springs, WI on a map. This small town lives between book covers, and in your imagination.

Seed of Desire — is the third in the Crystal Springs romance series. This sweet romance introduces Beth and Jackson. And dogs…plenty of dogs.

This and other titles by Ellen Parker are available at all major on-line retailers.

Here’s a like to a popular one: https://amzn.to/2RDFgxH

My Story???

Are you writing about me? Really?

Belgian shepherd — Ozzie

I’m honored.

Oh — sorry. But…but…. Okay — the story features one of my distant relatives — obedient, brave, and heroic!

I like it already.

Lower price! Oh, please human — give it a try. You know you like stories with happy endings. Sweet romance sounds wonderful to my ears — and you know my ears are the best in the family.

Ozzie’s all excited to have you check out Seed of Desire — a sweet romance set in the fictitious village of Crystal Springs, WI.


Underwater Spooks

BOO! ‘Tis the season to scare each other.

Most Americans take the Halloween decorations, jokes, and “trick or treat” activities with a smile and idea of fun.

Do you ever wonder how other creatures cope with things which scare us? Does a plastic dog skeleton scare a dog? Do corn field creatures appreciate a maze? Do raccoons tell jokes to each other?

Cue the spooky movie music —

the hunt is on.

I’m convinced Hollywood designers used this stealth swimmer as a spaceship model.


Smile! Look at the camera! Say cheese!

Okay — the actual word you ask your model (or child) to say does not matter very much. I have heard that it gives the best expression to have an “S” near the end of the word. (Hmmmm…the photographer for our high school year book was eager to prompt the girls with the word “boys”.)

Photographs, and a great many other things, have gotten more casual during my lifetime. Gone are the days when my mother (the photographer of the family) asked us to squint into the sun and smile at the same time. Now we hold up a digital camera or phone and can check for results before we’re gone from the picnic, visit to relatives, or zoo. (Granted, animals continue the habit of turning away at critical times.)

Has a smile ever made you nervous? Raised all your internal caution flags?

Do you trust this model’s smile?

I was glad for the clear barrier between us.

Cozy Cabin

In a cabin by the lake,

Mr. Moose watched you make

A copy of the view

Without me or you.

Hey! I never claimed to be a poet. My use of meter and rhyme stalled out about age nine.

Can you imagine having a quiet afternoon in this room? The light looks good to curl up beside the dog on the couch and enjoy a book. What would you read? Adventure? History? Romance? Or how about — a historical romance full of adventure?

I think you can find a volume to your liking at any public library. And the writing should be better than my poetry.