Memorable Fiction

Did you read my blog entry for January 7? That was last Friday, in case you tend to lose track of time like I do.

If you did, you learned my most memorable non-fiction read of 2021 was a Civil War trilogy.

My fiction reads are more numerous than non-fiction — which makes selection of “most memorable” more difficult. So I’m going to mention two. They are both romance. (No surprise to those who know me.) And both happen to be written by women of color. I suppose this can be traced to a conscious effort to read more books by people who are not part of my demographic.

Basketball and knitting (actually running a knitting supply shop brothers have inherited) may not look connected. But the characters are intriguing and the plot kept me turning pages. And that little deflated feeling common to the end of a good book made each of them memorable 2021 reads.

I wonder what 2022 will bring. Have you started a new book for the New Year?