Save the Date!

Looking forward to a party but forbidden by Health Dept Guidelines? Block out the news and imagine a man and his father arriving at his nephew’s engagement party.

Standing on the small, covered porch, he pressed the doorbell and listened to the first portion of the Westminster chimes.

“I’ll get it.” The female voice was quickly followed by a shadowed figure moving beyond the gauzy curtains in the large window.

The instant the door opened, Rich froze. Every witty phrase conceived during sleepless early morning hours or Saturday errands flew away faster than a bullet speeds from muzzle to target.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Comfort Zone, a sweet romance set in St. Louis. Yes, residents of the Heartland have all the emotions of the Coasts.

Currently available for pre-order — Comfort Zone will have an official release on June 22, 2020.  Celebrate the arrival of summer with a good read.

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Overcoming Fear

A childhood trauma scarred him.

David Holmes appears normal enough — graduated medical school and passed his surgical board exams. But…has he conquered the fear, or only learned to hide it? Let’s drop in on the good doctor while he’s running in a neighborhood park.

In the blink of an eye all their lives changed. Now, lilac perfume slapped him in the face with contrasts between before and after.

“On your left.”

He eased to the edge of the path and glanced as the owner of the female voice pulled even with him, then ahead.

Legs. Perfect legs. His heart rate shifted up a gear from more than his running. He forced his gaze upward and found only a scrap of red shorts beneath an extra-long obnoxious green and silver safety vest. Short brunette hair bounced in tempo with her stride. “Hey.”

She ignored him.

Intrigued? The above is from the first chapter of Stare Down a sweet romance set in St. Louis. Click on the Stare Down tab at the top of the page to read the blurb and find order information.



Did I do it right? Is it done? Can I do it again?

Mom — watch this!   Mom — it worked!

Parents, especially mothers, should be able to relate to all of the above phrases. When we had a toddler in the house it was easy to lose count of the number of times I heard — Me do it!

And he did. Sometimes. Part-way. With odd results.

Mom. Mom! Watch this!

Why do I suspect the designer of this sculpture was a parent?

I wonder if he had “help” with this portion.


Forbidden Attraction

A heroine with a love of dogs. Seed of Desire is a sweet romantic suspense with an opening scene at the annual 4-H obedience trials.

Beth flicked her gaze to the judge on the set up on the racetrack. Easy on the eyes.

The quick observation had her estimating the man near her age of twenty-eight, six foot, and lean. His wheaten hair could use a trim, but she’d forgive him for neglecting the barber shop. It should be illegal for a man to look that good in a white dress shirt open at the neck, the sleeves rolled up to the elbow under his green official 4-H judge’s vest. Stop it. Men are off-limits.

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A Place to Pray

Today is known as Good Friday in the Western Christian church.

It is a solemn celebration. Many believers contemplate death as the Bible readings are presented.

Today the churches in my city will not be crowded. Most will not be open. Instead pastors and priests are encouraging individual prayer on this holy day.

Where is your favorite place to pray? A traditionally decorated church? A modern building? In a park?

Would you like to pray while shaded by “The Great Vine” at Hampton Court?




When we meet Linc Dray in Hiding Places, he’s in a desperate situation.

Wanted: single female, age 21-30. He reviewed the first line of the ad overdue to be posted on the regional Craigslist. Desire quick marriage? Seeking long-term relationship? No, he discarded the second line as tacky. The truth in the mental discard files mattered less as the days counted down. Today left thirteen. Less than two weeks to find a woman, convince her he wasn’t a pervert or serial killer, and legally marry.

Check out the complete blurb for this marriage of convenience sweet romance under the “Hiding Places” tab on this web site.

Available as ebook or paperback from popular on-line retailers.


Standing Up!!!

At the St. Louis Zoo, and many other zoos across the US, multiple species will be in the same enclosure. Yes, they need to select with care so animals do not harm each other and both thrive in the surroundings.

Long legs are a feature in one exhibit. Two species, one mammal and one bird, tolerate each other well and share the characteristics of long legs and long necks.

Who did you expect? My giraffe friends?