Overcoming Fear

A childhood trauma scarred him.

David Holmes appears normal enough — graduated medical school and passed his surgical board exams. But…has he conquered the fear, or only learned to hide it? Let’s drop in on the good doctor while he’s running in a neighborhood park.

In the blink of an eye all their lives changed. Now, lilac perfume slapped him in the face with contrasts between before and after.

“On your left.”

He eased to the edge of the path and glanced as the owner of the female voice pulled even with him, then ahead.

Legs. Perfect legs. His heart rate shifted up a gear from more than his running. He forced his gaze upward and found only a scrap of red shorts beneath an extra-long obnoxious green and silver safety vest. Short brunette hair bounced in tempo with her stride. “Hey.”

She ignored him.

Intrigued? The above is from the first chapter of Stare Down a sweet romance set in St. Louis. Click on the Stare Down tab at the top of the page to read the blurb and find order information.

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