Save the Date!

Looking forward to a party but forbidden by Health Dept Guidelines? Block out the news and imagine a man and his father arriving at his nephew’s engagement party.

Standing on the small, covered porch, he pressed the doorbell and listened to the first portion of the Westminster chimes.

“I’ll get it.” The female voice was quickly followed by a shadowed figure moving beyond the gauzy curtains in the large window.

The instant the door opened, Rich froze. Every witty phrase conceived during sleepless early morning hours or Saturday errands flew away faster than a bullet speeds from muzzle to target.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Comfort Zone, a sweet romance set in St. Louis. Yes, residents of the Heartland have all the emotions of the Coasts.

Currently available for pre-order — Comfort Zone will have an official release on June 22, 2020.  Celebrate the arrival of summer with a good read.

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