Welcome Summer!

Ah! Summer! Long days filled with sunshine. Stepping outside without reaching for coat or boots or hat. Well, you might want a hat, but this time to keep the sun out of your eyes instead of warming your ears.

When work is done it’s good to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. There are many different ways to do so — often depending on your work schedule, position in life, and where you live.

Do your dream about lounging by the pool with a cool drink? Is a nice round of golf in the early twilight more your style? Or do you prefer reading, or napping, under a shade tree?

Whatever your choice, I urge you to open your eyes and take in the world around you. Are there flowers? An ice cream truck? Construction workers trying to make up time lost in recent rain?

Wait– did that –it’s not a flower in my neighbor’s garden. No, the sweet scent has attracted a visitor.

A larger than life Monarch invites visitor to pause and consider the beauty and purpose of our six-legged friends.


Take Break Here

Recently, an out-of-town visitor and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. (This is a great place. If you are ever in the area give it a try. Admission is free. Parking is not.)

It was a great day, warm, not hot and many of the animals were moving around, putting on their show. I enjoy watching them from over the fence or behind the glass.

However, my body is getting old enough to demand the occasional break. So this was a welcome sight. So great that they plan it so these are shaded.

Enjoy a rustic rest.



Wind of Change

A change is as good as a vacation.

The above bit of wisdom (or joke) was a frequent saying of my father.

While often I didn’t appreciate it. After all, change is difficult, and unexpected changes on a farm often translate to more and messier work. There is a grain of truth in the simple sentence.

There have been days when I’ve been moving from task to task to task and welcome the change of stillness.

And then…after waiting and waiting (for my name to be called or another person to arrive) when activity is the welcome change.

A beautiful place to sit and catch plus watch the wind of change.


Open to Serve You

Please check our hours. We have a tiny staff and they need time off to have a life.

You’ll find the above line applies to all sorts of businesses in a small town. Sometimes that Mom & Pop store — the staff is Mr. & Mrs. If they can find the cash to hire a part-time employee, or have a child old enough to work several hours a week — that’s all good.

When open — regular business hours — for their unique business — expect good service. Smiles and laughs are included at no charge.

Closed Sunday and Monday. Check the listing for scheduled hours, including evenings.  Book return is 24/7.

And yes, that is a farm tractor (or maybe it belongs to the village) moving out of the camera frame.


Listening Expert

Tell me a story!  Read me a story!

Children through the centuries have made this simple request.

And when you’re no longer a child? You still enjoy a good story. Well told, or written, a story will transport you to new places, introduce you to new characters and new ideas.

All American

I’m all ears for a story. You say Seed of Desire features dogs. Tell me more.

Beth raises dogs at Big Cat Farm, finds them foster families, and sells them to law enforcement. All is going well for the canines — but people deserve to be happy too. Can Jackson, an attorney new to the area, fill a void in Beth’s life? And his own?

Available at all major on-line book retailers.

Click on the Seed of Desire tab above to find complete story blurb and purchase links.


Dragon or Damsel

The most common place I’ve seen them is at ponds. The hover and dart a few inches above the water. They are difficult to catch with a camera — at least for me. But they make it tempting to try when they visit water lilies.

Shimmer. Shine. Do they make you think of flying jewels.

The damsel, while tending to run a little smaller and more apt to fold their wings along the abdomen when at rest — have nothing to fear from the dragon. No knight on a white horse required.

This pair of dragon, or damsel, flies invite you to sit a spell and watch the insects flit among the flowers in the garden. A meeting of art and practicality.


Exterior Seating

Waiting. Before church. After church. While your driver gets caught in conversation. Or the children use the restroom.

There are times when you really want to sit while you wait. And not on the church steps. (Although during Bible school I ate lunch many times while sitting on the cement steps. Knees — and other things — were younger, more flexible then.)

One of the families had an excellent idea when they donated this memorial bench between parking lot and church door.

It’s sturdy against the extremes of Wisconsin weather. And a nice, friendly size to sit and have a chat.