Welcome Summer!

Ah! Summer! Long days filled with sunshine. Stepping outside without reaching for coat or boots or hat. Well, you might want a hat, but this time to keep the sun out of your eyes instead of warming your ears.

When work is done it’s good to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. There are many different ways to do so — often depending on your work schedule, position in life, and where you live.

Do your dream about lounging by the pool with a cool drink? Is a nice round of golf in the early twilight more your style? Or do you prefer reading, or napping, under a shade tree?

Whatever your choice, I urge you to open your eyes and take in the world around you. Are there flowers? An ice cream truck? Construction workers trying to make up time lost in recent rain?

Wait– did that –it’s not a flower in my neighbor’s garden. No, the sweet scent has attracted a visitor.

A larger than life Monarch invites visitor to pause and consider the beauty and purpose of our six-legged friends.

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