Riverfront Attraction

Quick — I say St. Louis.    You say ______.

Aside from the baseball fans who correctly replied “Cardinals”, my guess is that a large number of you replied “Arch”.

The correct name for this monument is “Gateway Arch National Park.” Until a few months ago the proper name was Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Yes, it was a mouthful. And the new one will take a little while to get used to. (I’m still getting used to the idea of a National Park inside a city.)

They had a Grand Re-Opening with a completely refreshed museum at the foot of the Arch. (I’m anticipating a trip to see for my self in a few weeks.) And if you want to ride to the top you may. I understand the view from 630 feet is fabulous.

The grounds — all fresh with new walkways and trees — plus the older Grand Staircase to the street along the river — are a delightful place to walk and view either the river or the city.

Sunset turned the stainless steel golden.