Readers Rock

Sounds like a T-shirt. And perhaps it is – in another person’s collection.

There’s been a contest of sorts going on for readers all summer. Pick your favorite from among one hundred selected novels. It’s called “The Great American Read” and you can vote on the PBS website. How many have you read? Or seen at the movies? Or watched on TV? Love this one? Couldn’t stand that one? Browse the titles and get ideas for your next selection – one from the list, or from an author on the list, or a story in the same genre. Re-visit an old favorite or find a new one.

Authors – including this one – like readers. We work long hours over weeks, months, sometimes more than a year, to complete a good story. The goal of many authors is to get their work in front of as many readers as possible.

Readers come in many varieties. They can be young, old, in the middle years. Rich is fine. Poor is welcome. Slow readers who savor every sentence or quick ones who devour book after book. Love chocolate? Never touch the stuff? It makes no difference. Need your favorite chair? Can read anywhere? It’s all good.

Friends grabbing a few words before the Bible study leader arrives.