Block by Block

The neighbors are getting weary. They were told to prepare for a long project — but how do you define long?

Visible progress is good. It’s difficult to see most of the activity from the street — that may be a good thing. But traffic is affected. Parking spaces have been claimed by pipe, concrete inlets, rock, and equipment. Lanes are narrow and you have had to wait for a few minutes when equipment is moving that rock or a delivery of more materials is taking place.

Oh — and you needed to go around the other way the day they dug across the street and buried the new drain pipe.

Work continues on non-rain days. And block by block the project progresses. Still lots of finishing to do — it will not be finished until the drainage swale is shaped and topped with mats of straw and grass seed. And the sidewalk repaired in the places where treaded equipment crushed it.

The new retaining wall grows block by block.