Pick up the Continental Divide at our previous state and follow it South. It will take you through the heart of Colorado. High mountain passes. Even higher peaks. If you’re hankering for a summer snowball fight — this is your place to visit.

Gold and later silver, drew people to this state of natural wonders. Ranching and mining continue to be important in the 21st Century. They have been joined in recent decades by pharmaceuticals and aerospace industry. And beer.

In the Western portion of this state we visited dinosaur fossil fields on one trip. We marveled at the scenery and highway engineers on another. And we visited Denver.  While there we watched coins being minted, visited a first class museum, and toured the capital building.

colorado-1994scan_pic0001View from the Capital in 1994.

Plenty left to see on my next trip. Mines and ski resorts and railroads.


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