On one of our family trips through Wyoming (Cowboy Country) we crossed three creeks – their names tell a story.

Hungry Horse Creek    – Okay, dry plains, sparse grass

Dead Horse Creek     — A bad year for grazing

Crazy Woman Creek  — What do you expect after the horse dies?

Actually, I’ve enjoyed all my travels in this state. Majestic mountains. Wide vistas. Clean air. Miles and miles of grazing land. Some come to Wyoming for the hunting. It’s even possible to buy a license to hunt the elusive Jackalope.

Bring both your sense of humor and adventure as you explore the least densely populated of the states.

Did you know Wyoming was the first US Territory to give women the vote? And they brought the right with them when granted statehood in 1890 (thirty years before the rest of the nation).

wyoming-1994scan_pic0001Posing with Ester Hobart Morris outside the state capital.