Big Sky Country!  Stop at any highway turnout and enjoy the view.

Be prepared to stay a bit. This is the fourth largest of the United States. The eastern portion of the state could easily be (and probably was) the landscape for Western movies. Cowboys. Cattle. Wheat. Native Americans. Use your imagination and the ranchers will be on horses instead of four-wheel drive pick-ups.

Continue west and you’re into the Rocky Mountains. The continental divide wanders along the crest – separating waters which end up in the Gulf of Mexico from those that flow to the Pacific Ocean. The roads here will have steep climbs, daring bridges, and tunnels. Turn off the A/C, roll down the windows, and fill up on the forest scented mountain air!

Be sure to include a visit to a National Park. Today’s photo, again from my 1969 journey, is one of the highlights in Yellowstone.

montana-yellowstone-1969-scan_pic0001Natures hot water “relief valve”.

Also known as “Old Faithful”