Our route turns West again. Into a state with a reputation for BIG. It’s large enough to be a small country. And for nearly a decade it was The Republic of Texas.

Texas, perhaps due to size, contains great variety. Coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. Eastern pine forest. High plains. Arid plateau. Something for every tourist.

My tourist trips to the state varied also. In 1992, in a driving trip with two boys, we visited San Antonio and Waco with a side trip to view dinosaur footprints in a state park. (Did I mention I was with youngsters?) Later, in 2000, I flew into Houston to visit relatives. Space center. Galveston Island. (The gulls have no manners – they’ll steal your hot dog right off the grill.) Shorter visits later introduced me to Georgetown and Austin. Still plenty to explore when I find the time to pack my bags and gas up the car.


BIG (Texas sized) rockets at the Johnson Space Center