South Dakota

We travel north from our last stop to reach South Dakota.  This is an agricultural state with a thriving financial industry. Do you like four seasons? This may be the place for you. Hot summers. Cold winters. Prevailing westerly wind. And the Missouri River bisecting the state.

Several of our family vacations transited through this state. As a young girl I was introduced to the Black Hills. Mt. Rushmore and pig-tail bridges stayed in my memory from that trip. There’s gold too. It was discovered in 1874 and instrumental in bringing whites to the region. You can buy “Black Hills Gold” jewelry to this day.

Don’t forget to stop for your glass of “free ice water” in the small, but famous town of Wall.

south-dakota-1969-scan_pic0001This fine wildlife specimen was captured on black & white film in September of 1969. Do you suppose his descendants still offer a photo opportunity today?

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