Obeying the Rules

The men arrived with spray paint a few days ago. They walked up and down the alley consulting their electronic devices and releasing bright colors in spurts.  They dropped a few small, colorful flags at strategic points.

I’ve seen them before. They come in small groups at irregular intervals. Always by request.

A project engineer was surprised and saw complications in each dotted line. For these bright colors represent where the utility lines are buried. And his project involves digging. The more lines, the more cautious and careful the workers need to be. Smaller equipment or hand digging requires more hours. And more money.

On the other side of the equation. Marked utilities, caution, and a general knowledge of what lurks beneath the grass or gravel saves the trouble and expense if a utility line was cut. Can you imagine the conversation if you interrupt electric service to a group of homes? And the cost of the emergency repairs?


Adult coloring in the great outdoors.

1 thought on “Obeying the Rules”

  1. One day last summer my phone stopped working. I walked outside to look for phone trucks. None to be seen. Then I saw a small ditch digger. My landlord was driving it. He was making a ditch because of flooding. He called the phone company. It was discovered he had cut a line. It was not his fault. The line hadn’t been colored. All of that adult coloring is very necessary. I didn’t have a phone, land line, that’s what they call it, for almost a week. Flags and colors are not for fun!

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