Green First Aid

Go green! Recycle! Use Renewable!

More than a dozen years ago, we did some major re-arranging at my work place. One of the items which had to leave during this time was a small collection of houseplants. Take this one. You need both of these.

Really? I’ve killed a considerable number of sturdy(?) houseplants in my time.

But I relented and brought them home. Wonder of wonders, one lived. It out grew the original pot and then the next one larger. Now it’s split into two, both a couple sizes up from the tiny aloe which came home from work all those years ago.

It’s had some close calls. e needs to be careful and patient before setting it outside in St. Louis. The years I set it out when the temperature warms in May it’s had some close calls. Last year waiting until June almost killed it. Our spring rains were too abundant and the plant suffered another near drowning.

100_4240 Burn treatment for a Klutzy cook.

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