A Question of Timing

Is it done yet? Are we there? Is it time?

Parents of small children probably have these and more questions circle in their mind at all hours of the day and night. First as direct questions. Then on repeat either as additional questions from young voices or insistent memories interfering with other activities — like an adult conversation — or sleep.

Timing can be critical in more than parenting. When is the best time to speak up at a meeting? Approach management for new equipment, training, or money? How do I know it the cookies are done?

Once in a while the timing is off. The cookies burn. The meeting is adjourned before you ask your question. Or the perfect girl moves away before you ask her for a date.

Life is risky. Results are not assured. Consider these brave botanical specimens.

Hardy Optimist
The race to bloom first is fraught with hazards — like a final hard frost!