A Time to Feast

Sunlight hours are getting shorter. Summer days contain a hint of cool at the beginning. Garden crops ripen amid late season weeds.

And wildlife of all sizes takes advantage of the bounty in fields and gardens. And on trees. Some are very particular and select food from specific trees. Others are limited by what they can reach — unless the fruit is cooperative enough to fall to the ground. Others are mobile and inventive enough to obtain food from multiple sources.


This crabapple tree in Wisconsin is holding tight to a bumper crop this year.

While visions of jelly, and relish, and cider may dance in human minds — the wild turkeys have full stomachs on their bird brains.

Reliable witnesses tell of each tree hosting up to half a dozen gobblers at a time. And if the mornings have been frosty, and the fruit a little fermented… Shall we say the birds know how to party???


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