X…X…Where are you, X???

The internet and the search engines and sites it contains are great research tools. They help a blog writer such as myself, confirm facts and dig up little tidbits of trivia to pass along.

But — don’t trust them exclusively.

About six weeks ago, I strolled the grounds of the local botanical garden, keeping a sharp eye out for plants beginning with X. I knew it would be a tricky, difficult alphabet letter to find a plant partner. I went to the Latin names and snapped a nice shot — complete with official label.


Tapping in the name today gave me the “sorry, no items to match your criteria” message. (Hate that response on the rare occasions I have spelled correctly.)

One other search gave a secondary common name of Rat Aloe. The plant is threatened due to loss of habitat. Sorry, folks. This is not the common Aloe vera matching the one on my patio. Not a hint that this species is good to sooth small burns and bug bites.

The result? I’ll keep my patio plant.  I happen to like my small First Aid Kit from the Xanthorrhoeaceae family.


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  1. Does Missouri have a State Extension department? Does it have a Botany department? Being a Wisconsin native, I know this state’s extension departament’s botany division would be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in find the X. If Missouri can’t help, go back to your native state.

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