Yes. Yeah. Yup.

There you have it — three positive “Y” words.

Oh, that’s not what you asked for? Let me choose another word, this time a useful plant — YARROW.


This patch of multi-purpose plant posed for me early in July, near the end of the blooming season.

Multi-purpose suits this flower. It will make a lovely garden border in dry to medium water conditions and thrive in full sun. All of the above ground portions are safe to use for other purposes too. An accent in dried flower arrangements heads the list.

Native Americans used Yarrow as a medicine and some modern people follow their lead. You can brew a tea to sooth fever, shorten the common cold, relieve GI tract discomfort, or induce sweat.

Have a toothache? Chew a few leaves to ease the pain.

Need an accent in your salad? Add fresh leaves and flowers.