Retail Religion?

Toothpaste. Towels. Toys.

A dozen years ago, all of the above could have been purchased in this “big box” store. Then the corporation built a larger box a few miles away.

What do you do with a roomy, one story building adjacent to a large parking lot?

You could open a restaurant? Or a roller rink. (Oops. They aren’t the rage this decade.)  What about a church?

But…but…aren’t they rectangles with steep roofs? Perhaps a bell tower or an education wing glued to one side.

Think outside the box (or maybe inside). Move interior walls. Hire a plumber. Add, subtract, and modify windows and doors. Move in a pre-school. Create a fitness center for the community. Add classes, discussion groups, meeting rooms, and music lesson areas. Top off the week with worship services.

Ample parking. Handicapped accessible. The building has gone from brooms to Bibles.

A new look for the 21st Century
A new look for the 21st Century

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