Still Water

I’m not a sheep herder — but I’ve heard these animals prefer to drink from still, rather than moving water. It seems logical. I imagine running water tickling their lips, distracting them as they dip their mouths below the surface.

Still water. Calm water.

It’s a view that unwinds interior tension. A bench or flat rock beside a pond does as much to lower blood pressure and calm the spirit as pills from a bottle.

Still water. Calm water. Frozen water.

Spring happens. Conditions change. The scene may not be the same today as it was the day of my visit. A few more warm, Midwest, spring days and solid will turn to liquid. Another week or two and ponds will reflect wind activity with ripples and wavelets. Geese will swim instead of walk from shore to shore. A different sort of visual and spiritual therapy will occur while viewing.

I’ll take one last look at the smooth, calm, iced pond in 2015.


Still. Calm. Cold.
Still. Calm. Cold.


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