Spring Break

This is the season that students and teachers get a break from each other.

Plans are made. Day trips and multi-day trips are taken. Working parents study schedules. “Dare I ask for an extra day off?” “Can we afford …?”

If you’re lucky, at least some of the days during the school break will be filled with sunshine and temperatures warm enough to shrink snowbanks. Puddles, squishy lawns, and mud win the battle against ice melt chemicals and snow.

A not-so-secret secret? Adults need spring break also. A change of pace. A few days in different surroundings. As the years pass, my desire for this grows. I’ve been fortunate. The last few years I’ve been able to combine a “spring break” in the form of a few days away with an educational opportunity. A day or two of workshops and mingling with others with a shared interest (in my case, writing fiction) makes for a pleasant change of pace. I return with my mental batteries re-charged and ready to tackle the next portion of the project in progress.