Room without a View

They’ve changed things again. I stood in the hotel hall and turned my key card over and over, looking for an arrow. It wasn’t there. Instead of “put the card in the slot” it was “wave card over sensor”

Inside all was as expected. Clean bathroom, more spacious than the one at home.  Beds with enough pillows to build a fort. Large TV. Desk with outlets for electronics and gadgets. Ice bucket. COFFEE MAKER! There was even an upholstered chair in front of a lamp.

Feeling curious I opened the drapes. And then closed them. It’s a good thing I didn’t expect a view or the time to meditate on it.

Non-scenic view.
Non-scenic view.

All of the wager prone people can create odds I’ll live until the date on the photo. It flips to the future without warning.


2 thoughts on “Room without a View”

  1. I was expecting a brick wall or an air shaft.
    Shadows and reflections may be worth watching
    on glass that flat.

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