Chalet Chapel

“In a chapel, in the wood…”

No, no, no. That should be cabin if it’s the silly song I learned in 4-H. (A bouncy ballad that ends badly for a rabbit.)

This building on a wooded lot is adjacent to a busy street and about half a mile from my home. I’ll bet some people in New England wished for this roof line in recent months. Snow, rain, and all the other moist objects from the sky slide right down to the ground. Leaves too. The salesman for the non-clog gutters will not see potential in this building.

Roofs of this shape serve a purpose during worship also. Sounds of prayer and praise rise up. Worshipers naturally raise their eyes to the high interior of the peak. God is in His heaven. Let us give thanks.

Beauty in a Simple Form
Beauty in a Simple Form

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