My Office Wall

You’ve all seen the saying: A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.

In that case — I’ve a clean bill of health. The filing, stacking – non-system is thriving on the spare bed in my office. The closet is stuffed — I really do need to get rid of a box or two to make space for the additional filing crate I purchased.

But the semi-organization appears to work for me. Give me a moment or two and I can find the correct folder or stack 90% of the time.

The same holds true for my wall decoration. Yes, two of the four walls have what could loosely be called “decor”. A window fills the east wall and the west is dominated by closet doors. So what do I look at other than the squirrels entertaining in the pine tree?

A laminated scenic place mat and motivational sayings slapped up with poster gum are the easiest to see from my computer perch. I should move some of them. They are positioned for the previous computer location — months ago.

A complimentary calendar and a paint-by-the-number done BC. (That’s Before Children – caution to any reader planning a family.) A pale map of a fictional town completes the wall hangings on the opposite wall.

Is it restful? Inspirational? Scary to any overnight guest I direct to here?

Lets go with the ever-popular — all of the above.

It won't win "home decorating" awards.
It won’t win “home decorating” awards.

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